Periodontic Treatment Services


We offer a comprehensive list of Periodontal treatments that include attention to high-end equipment and the highest-quality materials.

All services are provided in a comfortable, luxury environment and new patients are welcomed with a complimentary oral health consultation.

Periodontic treatments specifically target issues related to the gums.

Periodontists are dentists who specialize in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment (non-surgical and surgical) of periodontal diseases and the placement of tooth implants. They also perform cosmetic oral plastic surgical procedures.

It is especially important to see a periodontist if you experience any of the symptoms of gum disease, but regular periodontal examinations should be part of everyone’s routine oral health care regimen. An evaluation sometimes may be the only way to detect gum disease. You should also visit the periodontist regularly if you have diabetes, heart or respiratory disease, osteoporosis, malnutrition, or smoke or use tobacco; all have been linked to periodontal disease.

Periodontic treatments include the following:

If you are experiencing any pain related to the gums or are concerned with the health of your gums, come and meet with our Periodontist.